MJ Holdings Inc. (MJNE) announces engagement of Mr. John Tabacco as VP of Digital Asset Strategy

MJ Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: MJNE), a diversified cannabis holding company that is publicly traded and exempt from penny stock regulations, is excited to announce the engagement of Mr. John Tabacco as VP of Digital Asset Strategy. Al Reasonover, Director of Operations, is pleased to announce that John Tabacco, formerly President of Overstock.com’s Digital Asset subsidiary Tzero, has joined MJ Holdings as VP of Digital Asset Strategy.

The gentleman in question is Mr. Mr. Reasonover says that Tabacco will be leading the company’s new initiative to develop a corporate strategy combining a digital asset and a cannabis product.John is a highly respected figure in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and is widely recognized as an early adopter and innovator in this field. Tabacco will help develop and implement a strategy for digital assets and blockchain innovation in the cannabis industry. Mr. Tabacco was one of the founding members of Overstock.com’s crypto blockchain incubator, Medici.

He helped to design and build the Medici platform. Mr. Tabacco was a pioneer in digital assets, leading the team that developed the first digital security ecosystem approved under federal securities laws. Mr. Tabacco was part of a group instrumental in inventing and creating patents.

These patents are still granted today.He is an inventor on granted digital asset and blockchain patents recognized by the USPTO. John said that he has a lot of experience with developing and selling companies that are worth over $500 million.

My track record is initiating, instigating, disrupting and rapidly growing shareholder value, and I have strategic investments and relationships with many world leaders in digital assets, which I intend to leverage in disruptive technologies and software to transformThe game in cannabis I believe MJ Holdings is uniquely positioned to successfully implement a aggressive growth strategy that combines the Cannabis and Crypto industries.

Many companies have talked about integrating Cannabis cultivation and Digital Assets, but MJ Holdings is the only one that has actually accomplished it. CCO Paris Balaouras says that MJ has everything they need to be the first to achieve that goal. John Tabacco is currently the host and Executive Producer of Wiseguys on Newsmax TV.The show is distributed to nearly 80 million households on multiple platforms.

John believes that MJ Holdings has the potential to become a Global Leader in digital asset excellence. MJ Holdings Inc. is a holding company for cannabis-related businesses, headquartered in Las Vegas. It is publicly traded and exempt from penny stock regulations.MJ Holdings is a company that provides services to help with the cultivation, licensing, production, and development of assets and infrastructure for businesses in the cannabis industry.

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