What Is The Horchata Cult, Tiktok? Facts Explained About The Trend

What is this Horchata trend that seems to be taking over TikTok at the moment? Everything you need to know is listed here. A new group or trend gains popularity on TikTok every few months. There is no evidence that TikTok is a cult in the religious sense, and nothing diabolical is happening on the platform.

A cult is formed when a group of people on TikTok share a set of beliefs and behaviours.There has been a recent surge in videos related to the Horchata Cult on TikTok. This follows the Step Chickens and Lana Cult trends that have taken over the app in recent months.

Horchata Soto, a well-known TikTok user, started a movement on April 25 to take control of the app. The Horchata Cult is a group of TikTok users who love tacos and other Hispanic food.They’ve banded together to take over the app. Jorge Soto, aka Horchata, is a 19-year-old content creator from the US state of Rhode Island. His TikTok account @horchata Soto, where he shares comedy and challenging videos, has more than 913,000 followers. Horchata Cult welcomes all new members.

The only requirement is a craving for tacos.Update your profile picture to show your love of Hispanic cuisine by adding a smiling mug of Horchata. The information you’re looking for is available on Horchata’s page. This concludes the conversion to the Orchata cult.

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